Sunday, August 5, 2012

BDS action in New Paltz

We had a great street action on Saturday in New Paltz (despite the heat).  There were six of us from mecr (Nic, Helaine, Fred, Jo, Donna, Eli) and a few others from Occupy New Paltz and Occupy Poughkeepsie joined with us.  We stood in front of Starbucks, in the shade (thanks Nic) and gave out many flyers and "shrinking Palestine map" postcards, in addition to having numerous conversations with passersby.  The reception in New Paltz was generally good with only a few contentious interactions.  It was good to be out in the streets again.  Let's get some pics next time. Eli


Yes, it was hot!

But we were really connecting to people, talking about the settlements and the future of Israel and Palestine. Turns out we don't really have to be in front of a CVS store to talk about settlement products. We have great handouts, so lets order another 1,000 of those Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions map postcards. And we need a modified handout with one side that talks about several settlement products that people can boycott.

I was so busy, I never got to take a picture. Anyone take one?

Interesting that we were jointed by a group of socialists at the end, a number of young people who completely support our stand on Palestinian human rights. I will ask Tim if they want to join us at another demonstration.



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