Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Calling all Rockland residents concerned for the people of Palestine & Israel:

Candlelight Vigil
Calling for a Just Peace in Gaza
Mourning all Victims of Violence in Palestine & Israel

Tuesday, August 5 @ 7pm at the clock tower in Nyack (corner of Cedar & Main)

In the spirit of humanity we come together to:
* mourn the tragic deaths of both Palestinians and Israelis
* call for an end to the Occupation and Siege
* seek a just peace in Palestine/Israel

This coincides with Tisha B'Av, a Jewish day of mourning that falls on August 4th and 5th this year.  Please bring candles and materials to make signs.  Sponsored by Rockland for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel. For more information or to endorse contact r4jp@npogroups.org.


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