Friday, March 20, 2015

RE/MAX: doing the dirty work of apartheid

Now's is the time!

Throughout the USA 

Our Israel Homes Program can coordinate your purchase of properties in Jerusalem either for your personal use or for investment. Without obligation, contact our coordinator in the U.S. for additional details or to arrange a group seminar.

We offer a multimedia presentation on "Buying a Home in Israel" to any interested group of any size in the Northeastern U.S.

For more details, please contact GARY STEINMAN:
(email); (fax)718-278-0354

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Crash the party with the truth about Ahava

On Thursday, March 26 from 1-2 p.m. EST, Ahava US and several of its beauty partners will be hosting an #AhavaSkincare “Twitter Party.” We’re planning to crash the party with the truth about Ahava and its occupation profiteering.

Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories is an Israeli cosmetics company that has been the target of an international boycott campaign since 2009 because of its illegal practices. The company’s primary manufacturing facility and visitors center are located in an illegal Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank. It pillages mud from occupied shores for use in its products. Further, it labels its goods “Product of Israel” when they are in fact made in the occupied West Bank. Check out more info about Ahava and the ongoing boycott campaign.
This is how Ahava, BeautyStat, Freebies4Mom, and Zipporahs are pitching their party:

GIVEAWAY: Join #AHAVASkincare Twitter Party With BeautyStat, Freebies4Mom & Zipporahs! Ask Us Why Skin Loves Dead Sea Minerals and Save 20% on all AHAVA Products

You can sign up your twitter account to be part of the giveaway contest, although you don’t need to do this to be part of the culture jam.

You can sign up your Twitter account for our Occupation isn’t Pretty Thunderclap, which will automatically post our message via your feed during their Twitter party.
We will also send a follow up email on Thursday, 26 March to remind you to participate in the party as part of our own #BDS Twitter storm. The email will include sample tweets that you can cut and paste.
You can send also a note to Nancy to be added to the Stolen Beauty online action team. You will get detailed information on our culture jam, and will be on our list for future online actions. THANK YOU!
We think occupation profiteering is ugly. There is nothing festive, pretty or fun about stealing other people’s land and resources. Thanks for being part of the team working to take the profit out of occupation.
Nancy K and the Stolen Beauty Team


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