Tuesday, March 15, 2016

After seven years of hard work

CODEPINK is thrilled to share with you the wonderful news that after seven years of hard work on the Stolen Beauty Ahava boycott campaign, Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories announced on Thursday that they plan to move their factory from the occupied West Bank to within Israel’s internationally recognized pre-1967 borders. This win would not have been possible without the sustained work of dedicated human rights activists around the world.
In a second BDS win, also on Thursday, global security giant G4S announced that in order to extract themselves from “reputationally damaging work,” they will be selling their entire Israeli subsidiary in the next 12-24 months.

Both the Ahava and G4S wins were achieved through  coordinated work by  human rights groups across the globe. Now CODEPINK, Jewish Voice for Peace, and others are leading the Stolen Homes campaign to ask worldwide accommodations leader Airbnb to cease listing homes in illegal Israeli settlements. The Stolen Homes campaign was launched in January 2016 with a petition and a CODEPINK-led protest outside of Airbnb headquarters in San Francisco. Last week, activists returned to Airbnb offices in San Francisco, Portland, Paris, and London to deliver over 140,000 signatures pressing Airbnb to stop profiting from and contributing to Israel’s violations of international law. The Stolen Homes campaign has also created a parody website where you can leave a comment to protest Airbnb's practices.

Monday, March 7, 2016

BDS win on Vassar Campus

On Sunday Mar. 6, the Vassar Student Association (VSA) voted to pass the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) resolution, which needed only a simple majority, by a vote of 15 in favor and 7 opposed. The resolution calls for the VSA’s political statement of support of the BDS movement. The organization did not pass the concurrently submitted BDS amendment, which would have required the VSA to restrict funding from the Vassar Student Activities Fund. The amendment needed a 2/3 majority but failed by a vote of 12 in favor to 10 opposed.

To bring the resolution to student referendum, the VSA needs to be presented with 120 signatures (5% of student body). To bring the amendment to referendum it would need 360 signatures (15% of student body).


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