Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Now is the time to strengthen our campaign.

Last week we found out that Motorola has met our first boycott demand - they no longer sell the Israeli military bomb fuses. Instead of resting on our laurels, we need to seize this opportunity to push twice as hard on our other demands. Now is the time to strengthen our campaign.

We want everyone to be able to help hang up on Motorola so we've come up with six different ways to take action - everything from creative arts, to public protest, to sustaining us financially, to just clicking a button will help us force Motorola's hand at this crucial time.

1. Win up to $500 by using your creativity to make a 30 second to two minute video turning a Motorola advertisement around to tell the truth about Moto's ongoing support for Israel's occupation and apartheid practices.

2. Protest on May 4th. Motorola's annual shareholder meeting will be in Chicago on May 4th. The US Campaign and our allies will be pressuring those profiting most directly from Moto's crimes in Palestine/Israel both inside and outside the meeting. Our shareholding allies will be supporting a human rights resolution in the meeting and the US Campaign will be coordinating a presence outside of the meeting.

3. Bring the US Campaign to your area for Boycott & Divestment education, training & action planning.

4. Organize the Hang Up On Motorola boycott in your area. Sign up here to get a campaign kit with everything you will need to work as a group or an individual to hold Motorola accountable for their role in human rights violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

5. Make a tax-deductible donation to support our boycott & divestment campaigns. Our first campaign victory was sustained by donations from people like you.

6. Send an email to Motorola's CEO and VP for Investor Relations. Send an email asking Motorola's senior decision makers to explain why they work for profit at the expense of human rights for Palestinians.

Now that Motorola has sold its bomb fuse department we're happy to be able to check the first demand off of our list, but we know that the next victories will be even tougher. Stand with us as we continue working to pressure Motorola to stop selling communications equipment, including cell phones and radar detection devices, and surveillance equipment, including the "Stronghold Surveillance System," and components for drone interfaces used by the Israeli military.

US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation


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